Maintain & Enhance

Receive ongoing site support, maintenance, and incremental development delivered by seasoned Sitecore development experts.

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Maintain & Enhance includes:


Code Maintenance

Releases are deployed continuously ensuring that progress can be monitored, and there are no surprises.

Light Feature Development

Provides all those incremental improvements necessary for any living, breathing website.

Dedicated, Expert Team

Build projects are assigned a team of specialists best suited to the requirements.



For Agencies:

Deeper, extended client relationships

Providing ongoing maintenance keeps agencies tight with their clients and in the best position to provide value well into the future.

Better resource management

Utilizing an expert team for maintenance keeps agency staff focused on more strategic activities.

Recurring revenue

Gain incremental revenue without the headaches associated with managing an ongoing maintenance project.

For Brands:

Eliminate complicated coordination

Eliminate the headaches of coordinating between multiple vendors (platform, hosting, database, etc).

Keep internal resources focused

A dedicated, quick-response team with intimate familiarity with a site’s code allows internal staff to stay focused on the core business.

Continuous improvements

Consistent maintenance creates a smooth-running website with all the latest features & updates, increased security, higher stability, and a better customer experience.

Wave is Agile

Wave is how we manage our Maintain & Enhance projects. It's based on Agile development principles and keeps projects running smoothly while retaining the flexibility to accommodate change.

Wave engagements are broken into sprints.

A sprint is an iteration of work, typically lasting two weeks. Each sprint has a predefined deliverable.

A pod is assigned to do the work.

A pod is a team filling complementary roles most suitable for the project.

The budget and timeline determine pod size and number of sprints.

Our process simplifies project planning and budgeting and creates more predictable outcomes.

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