Build for Sitecore

Whether it’s a brand new site, a redesign, or the addition of a major new feature, our Build service gets you there. Delivered agilely using our proven Wave methodology, Build helps you deliver your Sitecore project quickly and reliably.

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Build includes:


Dedicated, Expert Team

Build projects are assigned a team of specialists best suited to the requirements.

Reliable Delivery

Releases are deployed continuously ensuring that progress can be monitored, and there are no surprises.

Automated Testing

Automation lowers the burden on QA resources, results in faster time-to-market, and improves quality.



For Agencies:

Instant expertise

Oshyn’s extensive experience provides agencies instant credibility, even if they’re new to Sitecore.

Predictable budgeting

The iterative nature of Build helps agencies get a better handle on the costs for each iteration.

Start quickly and make an impact

The nature of Build projects allow teams to get started quickly — and build the most imporant features first.

For Brands:

Flexibility to make changes

As new issues are uncovered or priorities change, change is an implicit part of the process.

Full transparency

Full-time access to project tools, along with participation in daily and weekly check-ins, provide clients with total visibility.

A better quality product

The result? A better experience for customers. The ability to make monitor progress and make changes helps brands respond quickly and make improvements.

Wave is Agile

Wave is how we manage our development projects. It's based on Agile development principles and keeps projects running smoothly while retaining the flexibility to accommodate change.

Every Build project we do is broken into sprints.

A sprint is an iteration of work, typically lasting two weeks. Each sprint has a predefined deliverable.

A pod is assigned to do the work.

A pod is a team filling complementary roles most suitable for the project's requirements.

The budget and timeline determine pod size and number of sprints.

Our process simplifies project planning and budgeting and creates more predictable outcomes.

Oshyn offers a full suite of Sitecore services.