Audit for Sitecore

A technical examination that takes a close look under the hood of an existing Sitecore installation to determine the strengths and weaknesses of that particular implementation and its environment.

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Audit Includes:


Expert Team

Oshyn’s Sitecore experts review the architecture, code, configuration, and DevOps processes.

Comprehensive Report

At the conclusion of the audit, Oshyn provides a full report detailing the findings.


The report includes recommendations--and the team can walk through the report and provide additional, interactive advice.



For Agencies:

Valuable strategic planning tool

The insights gained from an audit help agencies make smart decisions when building out the plan for the next steps in a web project.

Keep clients engaged

Having an informed roadmap and plan with clear next steps increases trust with clients and keeps them committed.

Instant expertise

Oshyn’s team of Sitecore experts eanbles agencies to easily provide (or supplement) Sitecore capabilities.

For Brands:

Confidence to move forward

Having a true understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the system inspires real confidence in the plan going forward.

Increased trust in partners

The resulting visiblity into the Sitecore installation provides validation that the agency and tech partners are aligned.

Easier prioritization

The resulting recommendations provide clarity on where attention should be place to receive the maximum benefit.

Oshyn offers a full suite of Sitecore services.