Platform and Content Migration

You need fast and accurate content migration. So we acted.

Moving to a new content management platform is exciting, but getting all of your content assets there can be time consuming, expensive and anxiety inducing. Companies migrating sites often have a lot of concerns over who on their project team should be responsible for ensuring all the existing features and content are reworked and migrated.

Content migration is known to be time consuming and costly. That’s why years ago we built and perfected a migration process with our proprietary product, Siteport, which automates much of the migration process, and can reduce the migration time by more than half! Over the years we’ve done CMS to CMS migrations hundreds of times. We know every step that needs to be done, the right order to do them and what information is needed from which people.

We use our proven processes and tools to reduce the time and cost of migration valuable content assets to a new platforms. We make this job easier, more accurate, simpler, faster and less stressful. Our platform migration experts manage the process of itemizing, categorizing, pruning, enhancing, and migrating content. We also make sure that companies can benefit from their new platforms faster by mapping features from the old CMS to the new and better features in the new CMS. And the best part is that we’ll make sure your business keeps running as usual, without dreaded content freezes, right up until the very last day.

And We Will Make Your Mission Ours

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