Legacy CMS Solutions

Legacy CMS Solutions

OpenText Web Solutions (previously known as RedDot CMS) provides a web content management solution that facilitates the management of multiple websites worldwide to further develop their global presence. OpenText Web Solutions is particularly interesting Content Management System for companies that manage global websites requiring websites in local languages and require high level of personalization. For small and mid-size businesses, OpenText Web Solutions provides a simple and cost-effective tool for expanding globally.

As great a CMS as OpenText Web Solutions is, it can be problematic. Developers without substantial experience can find themselves struggling to resolve bugs and optimize performance. Many current OpenText Web Solutions customers have questioned whether to move a new CMS given several WCM acquisitions by OpenText. We believe that even if OpenText ultimately takes their combined CMS solutions offerings in a radically different direction – your current investments remain viable and are practical for achieving the organization goals of 2013 and beyond. Many existing OpenText customers are better off investing in Web 2.0 / 3.0 enhancements, upgrades, support and design improvements. We have extensive experience in enhancing OpenText Web Solutions to improve current investments rather than looking for a new CMS framework. Upgrading, performance-tuning, redesigning templates, etc, will deliver a better ROI particularly while companies are still guarding their IT budgets given the continued pressures in the economy.

Migrate off your legacy platform

Ready to make the move off  your legacy platform? Oshyn partners with Siteport, an automated CMS migration solution that quickly and easily moves your website's templates, content, metadata, links, users, groups, media asset links and more from your old platform to a new, more robust CMS platform. Contact Oshyn today to see how we can use Siteport for your migration.

Featured Case Studies

Websense RedDot CMS Success StoryWebsense is a global leader in integrated Web, email and data security solutions protecting over 50,000 organizations worldwide from malicious code, loss of confidential information and ensure enforcement of Internet use and security policies. Websense had elected to migrate from Interwoven CMS to OpenText’s RedDot CMS. Because of complexities which arose as Websense initially began the migration from Vignette, they chose to hire Oshyn based on OpenText’s recommendation and Oshyn’s successful track-record of multiple well-designed, fast and cost-effective RedDot implementations. Read more about Websense’s RedDot Success Story

University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas had recently installed Version 9 of RedDot CMS (also known as OpenText Web Solutions). Following the installation the content editors experienced several issues with the WYSWIG Telerik content editor integrated in RedDot CMS Version 9. With no solutions offered by OpenText Web Solutions support or Telerik support, the University of Arkansas turned to Oshyn for its extensive experience integrating and resolving issues with RedDot CMS. Read more about The University of Arkansas' Open Text Web Solutions Success Story.

White Papers

The Business Case for Leveraging Open Text Web Solutions Within Higher Education
Academic institutions have a long reputation for being slower to adopt new technologies for their audiences. However, many schools are taking serious steps in improving the online experience they are providing. This white paper explores the unique needs of the higher education market, applying new tools & trends and specifically how the Open Text Web Solutions’ Delivery Manager (formerly known as RedDot LiveServer) can be leveraged to achieve those goals.

Performance Tuning Open Text Web Solutions Management Server and Delivery Server
If you have made an investment in OpenText Web Solutions (formerly RedDot) Web Content Management products, you’ve undoubtedly experienced performance issues. While every software requires tuning, RedDot is especially susceptible to mis-configuration and poor performance as the out-of-the-box installation comes untuned and ready for Development Environments only.

Open Text Best Practices: Part One
Authored by Oshyn Senior Consultant, Adaeze Okorie, this best practices white paper draws from Oshyn’s vast experience with OpenText, in helping organizations define strategies to meet business goals while implementing OpenText’s RedDot CMS. Specifically in this paper Adaeze Okorie will discuss strategies, key points and tips to leverage the features available in OpenText’s RedDot CMS to achieve an effective, reliable and robust implementation.

OpenText CMS Blog

Join the conversation with Oshyn's thought leaders who share their thoughts, expertise and best practices about OpenText and RedDot on Oshyn's Open Text CMS blog.  

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